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Reopened under new ownership in February 2015,  the new Beverly's Pastry Shop is a gourmet bakery offering some of the most delicious and fantastic treats you will ever enjoy. With custom and spiced up traditional flavors, we guarantee that there is more than one fabulous treat in our midst that will make your mouth water.

Goodness Comes in Tiny Bites

We put our hearts and souls into every cupcake and cookie we bake. Nothing is better for us than seeing the smiles that follow a first bite. The only bigger compliment is hearing customers continually say "Oh, that's amazing!"

Dairy Free, Nut Free, Vegan...NOT A PROBLEM!!!

We have a Type 1 diabetic baker, a nut free baker, and an owner with celiacs...we are very conscious of what we put in our food.  We are also very conscious of cross contimation, and all allergen free desserts are made seperately in their own equipement.  We are currently taking orders ONLY for these specialty allergen free desserts!